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§1 Name and domicile

The name of the association is Suomen maankuivatus-, kastelu- ja tulvasuojeluyhdistys ry. An unofficial English name, Finnish National Committee on Irritation and Drainage, FINCID, may also be used. The association is hereinafter called FINCID in these rules.

The association’s domicile is Helsinki.

§2 Purpose and modes of operation

The association aims to promote the scientific and technical development of drainage, irrigation and flood control in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable way. FINCID represents Finland in the operations of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, ICID, and promotes national cooperation and communication. The association does not aim to produce a financial profit.

To reach the above-mentioned targets FINCID can
- hold meetings and seminars in the field of water management
- monitor and promote technical development, research and training in the field
- publish literature concerning the field
- distribute information concerning the field
- engage in other related activities

§3 Members

Private individuals and incorporated societies wishing to develop drainage, flood control, irrigation and water management in general can be accepted on application as private, corporate or support members of FINCID.

Meetings of the association can approve private individuals as honorary members.

§4 Membership fee

In order to finance its operations, FINCID may collect membership fees from other than its honorary members, the amount to be decided on at the Annual Meeting.

§5 Resignation

A member may resign from FINCID membership by so notifying the Board or its chairman in writing or by having the resignation entered in the minutes of a meeting of the association.
A member may be dismissed from the association by decision of the Board if his/her membership fees remain unpaid for over twelve months.

§6 Board

The association is managed by a Board that comprises:
1) a chairman
2) a deputy chairman
3) 4 other members

The Board shall elect a deputy chairman from amongst its members and a secretary from amongst its members or outside, and other necessary office holders.

The Board’s composition shall be representative relative to the areas the association means to promote.

The three-year term of Board members begins at the end of the Annual Meeting. At the first Annual Meeting, Board members shall also be elected for one year and two years so as to allow two of its members to retire each successive year.

The meeting of the association may decide to dismiss a Board member by a majority of votes.

§7 Board meetings

The Board shall be convened when necessary, although at least twice a year, by the chairman or, if he/she is prevented, by the deputy chairman.

The Board is quorate when at least half of its members, the chairman or deputy chairman included, are present. Matters shall be decided by a majority of votes. If the votes fall even, the chairman shall have the casting vote, although elections shall be decided by lot.

§8 Functions of the Board

The Board shall function so as to achieve its objects and goals. To this end, the Board shall
- represent the association and make commitments on behalf of the association
- manage the association’s finances
- compile proposals for the plan of action and the budget
- compile the association’s annual report and financial statements 
- appoint FINCID working groups, office holders and members of the ICID committees and working groups
- decide whether to accept new members, and handle resignations
- handle national and international contacts and communication
- convene the association’s meetings, prepare the matters presented at them and monitor implementation of the decisions
- send the necessary information about its composition and changes made in it to the ICID headquarters
- carry out other functions necessary for handling the association’s operations

§9 Financial statements

The association’s accounts shall be closed every calendar year. The accounts and the annual report compiled by the Board and other documents concerned shall be delivered to the association’s auditors in good time for audits of the administration and accounts.

The auditors shall in good time provide the Board with an auditors’ report and a report on the management of finances, approval of the financial statements and discharge of the responsible parties from liability, addressed to the Annual Meeting.

§10 Signing for the association

The association is signed for by either the chairman or deputy chairman of the Board together with another member of the Board.

§11 Meetings of the association

FINCID members shall convene once a year at the Annual Meeting (meeting of the association). This meeting shall be held annually by the end of April. Invitations to the meeting shall be sent to members by order of the Board at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting. Invitations to meetings shall include an agenda listing the matters to be discussed in the meeting.

An extraordinary meeting of the association shall be held when so decided by a meeting of the association or when the Board considers it justified, or when at least one tenth of the association’s members entitled to vote so demand in order to deal with a pre-announced matter. Extraordinary meetings shall be convened in the same way as Annual Meetings.

Meetings of the association are quorate when they have been legally convened.

§12 Matters to be handled by the Annual Meeting

The following matters shall be handled by the Annual Meeting:
- the annual report, financial statements and auditors’ report on the previous year
- approval of the financial statements and discharge of the Board from liability
- membership fee
- fees paid to members of the Board and auditors
- election of the chairman of the Board
- election of other members of the Board
- appointment of two auditors and two deputy auditors to audit the administration and accounts for the current year
- the FINCID action plan and the budget
- any other business stated in the invitation to the meeting

In addition, the Annual Meeting may instruct the Board to set up working groups.

§13 Decision-making

Each member has one vote at meetings of the association.

Decisions shall be made by open vote or, if someone so demands, by secret ballot, by a majority of votes. If the votes fall even, the chairman shall have the casting vote, although elections shall be decided by lot.

§14 Financing 

FINCID finances its operations by means of membership fees and grants. FINCID may also organize chargeable seminars and sell literature concerning the field.

§15 Amendment of rules

A member may propose an amendment to the rules to the FINCID Board, which will make a proposal on the matter to a meeting of the association. A two-thirds majority of votes is required for approval of amendments to the rules.

§16 Winding up the association

A decision to wind up the association must be made at two meetings of the association, held with no less than a one-month interval, by a two-thirds majority of votes cast.

If the association is dissolved, any remaining funds shall be used for the purposes of the association in a manner decided on by a meeting of the association.

§17 Other rules

In all other respects, the association’s operations shall comply with the provisions of the currently valid Associations Act.






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