IDW 2008  |  July 6 - 11 2008  |  Helsinki - Tallinn






10th International Drainage Workshop

of ICID Working Group on Drainage

Helsinki, Finland | Tallinn, Estonia
July 6th - 11th 2008




The IDW2008 organisers would like to thank all participants for making the workshop a success!


Please find below the results of the workshop



» Proceedings

» Oral presentations

» Poster presentations

» Pertti Vakkilainen: Welcome address

» Photoalbum of the workshop

» Official photograph of the workshop

Oral presentations



Session 1

Agricultural drainage and environment in different farming policies



» Keynote: Eiko Lübbe

Agricultural drainage and environment in different farming policies


» Eileen J. Kladivko

Nitrate-N loads to subsurface drains as affected by drainage intensity and agronomic management practices


» Jeff S. Strock

Use of DRAINMOD-NII to predict nitrogen losses under conventional and organic farming practices in Minnesota, USA


» Jennifer Roper

Influence of tillage on nitrate-nitrogen leaching in agricultural drainage water


» Ch. Merz

Trace metal behaviour in drained floodplains


» Irene Bondarik

Problems of long term use of drained lands: the case study of heavy soils of the central part of Russia


» P. Kovalenko

Reconstruction and modernization of reclamation systems as a part of agricultural reforms in Ukraine


» Henk Ritzema

The role of horizontal subsurface drainage in irrigated agriculture in the semi-arid and arid regions


» Sami Myyrä

Farmers and land owners choices over drainage systems – profit maximisation and environment



Session 2

Technical solutions to prevent leaching from agricultural drainage systems



» Keynote: Chandra Madramootoo

Reducing nutrient loads in agricultural land drainage systems


» Gary R. Sands

Drainage design to achieve both agronomic and environmental objectives


» Graig Schrader

Minnesota’s conservation drainage demonstration project


» Masoud Parsinejad

Subirrigation system to improve drainage water quality in Karaj of IRAN


» Ingrid Wesström

Long-term effects of tile drainage on soil physical properties and crop yields


» Jane Frankenberger

Drainage water management impacts on nitrate loss and crop yield in Indiana, USA


» Maija Paasonen-Kivekäs

Nutrient transport through tile drains on a clayey field


» Kami Kaboosi

The feasibility of rice husk application as envelope materials in subsurface drainage systems


» H. Ebrahimian Taleshi

Environmental evaluation of subsurface drainage system in a coastal region of Iran


» Björn Kløve

Hydrological and environmental impact of peatland drainage: Alternative methods for the sustainable management


» Piotr Kowalik

Effect of wastewater irrigation and drainage on soil properties of sewage fi elds of Gdansk (Poland)


» Jörg Steidl

Mitigation of pressures on water bodies by nutrient retention from agricultural
drainage effl uents using purifi cation ponds



Session 3

Agricultural water management, decision support methods and technology



» Keynote: Wayne Skaggs

Effect of controlled drainage on water and nitrogen balances in drained lands


» Lassi Warsta

Modeling the hydrological cycle of a clay soil dominated agricultural field


» Maurits Ertsen

“A pinch of salt or a pound of cure” - Modeling saliaty and drainage processes in the Rio Dulce irrigation system


» Bärbel Tiemeyer

Measurements and modelling of water and solute fluxes in artificially drained lowland catchments



Session 4

Drainage in the context of environmental river engineering



» Keynote: Seppo Rekolainen

European water legislation – how to assess actions to reach the objectives


» Pol Hakstege

Restoration of contaminated waterways in the Netherlands - a sediment perspective


» Jukka Jormola

Environmentally friendly drainage practices



Session 5

Extreme weather conditions, drainage, flood management and land use



» Keynote: Bart Schultz

Extreme weather conditions, drainage, flood management and land use


» Kittiwet Kuntiyawichai

Delineation of flood hazards and risk mapping in the Chi River Basin, Thailand


» Johannes Deelstra

Hydrological processes in small agricultural catchments


» Mikko Huokuna

Flood risk management and land use planning in changing climate conditions



Session 6

Closing session



» Keynote: Willem F. Vlotman

Drainage, the driver of sustainable environments


» Session chairpersons

Summary of the sessions



Poster presentations




» Alakukku, L., Nuutinen, V.

Saturated hydraulic conductivity and bioporosity of two arable clay soils in relation to subdrain location



» Verdinejad V.R., Sohrabi T., Ebrahimian H., Liaghat A.M., Parsinejad M.

Effects of controlled drainage on environmental hazards (case study Ran drainage project)



» Markku Puustinen, Jari Koskiaho
Multipurpose wetlands for agricultural water protection – guidelines of wetland planning and construction



» Ashraf El Sayed, M Fawzy and Hassan Amer
Towards Selection of Wastewater Treatment Techniques for Rural Areas of Egypt



» Pertti Vakkilainen, Laura Alakukku, Merja Myllys, Jyrki Nurminen, Maija Paasonen-Kivekäs, Markku Puustinen, Rauno Peltomaa and Helena Äijö

Nutrient load from two drainage systems – a fieldscale research project on clay soil



» S. Akram, H.A. Kashkouli and M. Akram

Salinity and water table control in dry drainage



» Petra Kahle, Bärbel Tiemeyer, Bernd Lennartz 

Requirements for representative measurements of water and solute fluxes in artificially drained lowland catchments: Spatial and temporal aspects



» Jari Koskiaho, Sirkka Tattari and Ilona Bärlund
Prospects of Simulating Agricultural Management Practices in a Rural Catchment in South-western Finland with SWAT



» Osvaldo Salazar, Ingrid Wesström, Mohamed A. Youssef, R. Wayne Skaggs, Abraham Joel
Evaluation of the DRAINMOD-N II model for predicting nitrogen losses in Southeast Sweden



» Bärbel Tiemeyer, Bernd Lennartz, Roger Moussa

Modelling the hydrological behaviour and long-term nitrogen losses of artificially drained lowland catchments



» Irina Herzon, Juha Helenius, Silvia Budaviciute, Tiina Hovi

Ditches for Life or Biological Importance of Drainage Ditches in Europe



» Iulian Mihnea

The efect cauzed by the rain precipitation registrated in the 2004 – 2007 period


» S. A. Kulkarni, C. B. Dandekar

Advancing Sub Surface Drainage Technology through Public-Private Partnership in India


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